mabel jane

Meet Mabel

Mabel is now two years old and is growing into a very chatty and funny little girl. Her favorite pastimes include: cooking food in her kitchen for her large collection of stuffed animals, watching Land Before Time, learning new words and phrases like, “Bless you me” when she sneezes and impressing her mom and dad with her knowledge of letters, numbers, colors and shapes!

Aside from the occasional ear infection and daycare cold, Mabel’s health has been excellent! She is still growing on a “beautiful growth curve” has her doctor’s like to say and all chest x-rays and labs have been normal. Mabel is on track to start a new FDA approved drug called Orkambi which helps fight CF on a cellular level. To keep it simple, think of our cells as rooms that have doors to allow chloride ions to flow freely in and out. Mabel’s CF makes it so her doors don’t open and the chloride can’t get out, thus causing thick, sticky mucus build up. We’re so excited to see Mabel’s health keep improving with this new medication.

We can’t wait for CF to stand for cure found!

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